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How It All Started

My wife Heather and I spent over a year attempting to potty train our son with little success. Two days after we created the Poop ‘n Pull, our son couldn’t wait to go on the potty.  Our biggest problem  was keeping him off the potty!

Poop 'n Pull

Heather and Josh Moffatt, inventors of the Poop ‘n Pull


Designed for Success

Using a reward system is the most common and practical way to potty train a child, but it’s important to do it right.

1. Rewards should be immediate and consistent. (The Poop ‘n Pull is always loaded and ready).

2. Your child needs to know that the reward is there and waiting for them. (The Poop ‘n Pull hangs on the door out of reach, but your child can’t wait to use it).

3. The reward should come immediately after success. (The Poop ‘n Pull cord is lowered when child has success on the potty).

4. The system for getting the reward should be fun and interactive. (Your child will get excited to pull the Poop ‘n Pull every time).


















The Poop n Pull can be hung on any door so it is out of the reach of your Little Pooper until Mom or Dad releases the cord and loads the treat.   Your child will be excited every time they get a chance to pull the cord to release their reward after successfully going potty.

Poop 'n Pull Potty Training Experience

You Choose the Reward

The parent will load the Poop N Pull with a reward of their choosing.  From candy, toys, coupons, or what ever will motivate the child to graduate from the diaper days.

Poop 'n Pull Capsules

You Choose the Color

The Poop N Pull is available in a Pink or Blue Configuration

Made in the USA

Patent Pending