Little Brennan finds success with an early Poop ‘n Pull prototype.

“I think this might be magic, because we have tried EVERYTHING else to get him to use the potty and nothing else has worked. So far it has been 3 days with clean pants. My husband and I could not be happier! Thank you very much.”

– Alison Brown, Tampa, Florida

“Son loved it!  In fact, my husband ordered a second one as self rewarding program at his office.  It was a great joke but everyone loves it!”

– Nicole Cole, Snohamish, Washington

“Genius! Thank you!”

– Molly Nixon, Cedar Springs, Michigan

“This is great! My son has struggled with potty training on and off for the last six months with hardly any true success of using the potty. We’ve been using the Poop ‘n Pull for a week and he has been doing fantastic! Everyday using the potty and he’s so proud of himself! Thank you! It really has been such a big help!!!”

–  Amelia Brynn, Dayton, Ohio

“The Poop ‘n Pull is amazing!!  We would definitely recommend it to anyone who is currently potty-training or planning to do so in the future!  The Poop ‘n Pull produced results fast and made potty-training exciting and enjoyable.  Our 2 year old daughter had no interest in potty training until we acquired the Poop ‘n Pull.  Within a few short days our daughter was almost fully potty-trained.  This is the perfect gift for anyone who is expecting a baby or potty-training!  The parents and kids alike will thank you!”

– The Hieberts, Denver, Colorado